Recovery Tracks (Reco Tracks)
Recovery Tracks (Reco Tracks)

Recovery Tracks (Reco Tracks)

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A new series of recovery boards called Reco-Traks. The product is manufactured by one of the biggest brands in the space, TRED, in Brisbane Australia. The Reco-Traks are an updated design on TRED’s popular GT Series boasting a more modern look as well as improved performance.

What are recovery boards?

Recovery boards are designed with one simple purpose in mind; to introduce a firm and grippy surface between your vehicle’s tyres and the track’s surface (or lack thereof).
Most commonly, recovery boards are brought out (usually in the pouring rain or stinking hot sun) when you’ve lost all forward (or rearward) momentum. By placing them under two or more tyres you can create a surface that allows your vehicle the grip and traction it needs to gain momentum and get moving again.

When should you carry recovery tracks?

‘When shouldn’t you?’ would be a simpler question. Realistically, you can’t possibly know what the track you are about to drive down is going to be like, until you’ve driven down it. If there is any
chance of moisture on the track, or if you’re planning to drive on sand then recovery tracks are a great idea. Recovery tracks are sold in pairs, we always recommend at least one pair for a vehicle
and at least two pairs for a vehicle with trailer. That said, for the best results, one pair per axle is a safe bet!



From research across 100s of popular off road tyre tread patterns, teeth have been strategically placed along the board for greater traction


Performance improvements start with the improved concave ramp design to help your tyres easily suck the ramp in and under your vehicle’s tyres


Moulded with a deep gutter, the end of each Reco-Trak is designed to be multi-use and capable of digging sand out from under your tyre for optimal traction and to save your bacon when you forget to pack your Ironman 4×4 shovel


The placement and angle of the teeth across the board are designed to assist with entry and exit of the board and easily allows for the board to be spun around for either forward or reverse recovery


The new Reco-Traks are also lower profile for compact storage, lighter at just 2.7kg per board and stronger for greater durability


A simple yet effective design in the entry and exit mouldings allows for boards to be linked together to create a longer single section where greater momentum is required


For securing the Reco-Traks to your vehicle there are a couple of accessories which include a set of quick release stainless steel mounting pins, capable of mounting up to 4 boards. These pins
slot straight into many T-slot channels, alternatively a solid base plate is additionally available to allow for a range of other suitable mounting surfaces such as cage racks etc


Material:  Polypropylene
Weight Per Board (kg):  2.7
Dimensions (l x w x h):  1080 x 310 x 70mm
Nested Height One/Two Pair:  85 / 110mm
Tooth Design:  Tooth Design
Mounting Hole Pairs:  6 Pairs
Recovery Leash Included:  Yes

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