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Off-Road Lift Kits

Ironman 4x4 lift kits provide exceptional ride quality, stability, and handling both on and off-road.

Choose between our premium Foam Cell Pro, Foam Cell, Nitro Gas, or All Terrain Suspension (ATS) kits. Each 4WD suspension lift kit comes with the necessary components to lift your truck with ease.

What’s more, when you choose Ironman off-road suspension lift kits, you can trust that the parts you’re buying meet the highest road-tested standards. You’ll get long-lasting durability and premium shock absorption for the smoothest ride you’ve ever had.

Due to the variations of these products, they are not available for online purchase. Just give us a call to organise purchase.

Suspensions Kits

Whether you are looking for more lift, a smoother ride or better off-road performance, the Ironman 4×4 suspension range has you covered.Tailored especially for Aussie conditions, our range not only stands up to our rugged terrains but also caters to those towing or carrying heavy loads.

From $1586

Coil Springs

All Ironman4x4 coil springs are designed to provide a safe, comfortable ride while also providing additional ground clearance. We currently have springs that differ in various ways, such as their load ratings and which vehicles they are compatible with, so you can carefully fine-tune your search.

From $310 per set

Strut Assemblies

From $1138 per pair

Nitro Gas Shocks

What’s great about Nitro Gas is that it is a simple and highly-proven design. Nitro Gas is perfect for those who are looking to add a bit of lift to their vehicle, occasionally loading up the car for a camping weekend, enjoying some slow, low-range 4×4, or doing some on-road towing.

From $230 - Struts From $298

Foam Cell Shocks

Foam Cell shock absorbers are great for people who hope to hit a few dirt roads at highway speeds for long periods, tow off-road or tend to have a heavier-than-usual load from time to time. Shock absorbers and struts work harder on heavier vehicles, with more movement generating more heat! A bigger shock absorber with greater cooling capacity is a worthy upgrade.

From $299 - Struts From $349

Foam Cell Pro Shocks

The Foam Cell Pro offers the greatest level of cooling efficiency and precision valving for the most comfortable ride. The Foam Cell Pro is a great choice for those who value the best, those who consider themselves true four-wheel-drive enthusiasts, and those who carry heavier loads, especially with increased GVM.

From $389 - Struts From $519

Leaf Springs

Ironman 4x4 leaf springs are produced from high-quality steel that is shot peened and load tested to ensure maximum longevity. We offer leaf spring suspensions in performance and constant loads to ensure your ride matches your riding style both on and off-road.

From $790 per set

Load Plus

Ironman 4x4 Load Plus Helper Springs are the perfect addition to any leaf sprung vehicle carrying variable loads. Load Plus provides a cost effective way to quickly and easily improve the load carrying characteristics of your vehicle.

From $279 per set


Ironman 4x4 Add-a-Leaf is a simple, cost effective addition to boost your existing leaf springs.
Kit includes 2x tapered leafs with anti-friction inserts, M8 and M10 replacement centre bolts and easy to follow instructions.

From $239 per set

Pro Forge Upper-Control Arms

From improved geometry to achieve perfect wheel alignment, to the lighter benefits of its drop-forged aluminium construction, there are many reasons why you should choose ProForge for your 4×4 after installing a lift.

From $1164 per pair

Sway Bar mount Kits

Manufactured using aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, the kit is stylish and functional as well as stronger than the original mounts.

From $198 per set

Adjustable Panhard Rod

Used to correct axle shift after raising suspension, featuring on-car adjustable design for precise and simple adjustment without removal or disconnecting the rod. OEM Style rubber bushes for maximum flex and durability.

From $539

Adjustable Steering Rods

Reduce the likelihood of failure due to impact in severe terrain, featuring adjustable length femal rod ends to align and centralise steering.

From $569

Adjustable Trailing Arms

Ironman 4×4 has resolved this common problem by producing heavy duty ADR approved, adjustable upper and lower trailing arms.

Upper $469 - Lower $449

Caster Wedge Kits

Adjusts the caster angle 1-4 degrees within solid axle suspension or changes pinion angle to remove unwanted driveline vibration.

From $98

Airbag Man Compressor Kit

Everything is included for a quick, easy installation.

From $1120 per set

Airbag Ride Rite

Installed between the vehicle’s frame and suspension to provide variable load support by adjusting the air pressure. By reducing inter-leaf friction, Ride-Rite air springs are capable of 3,200 to 5,000 pounds of load leveling capacity.

From $1265 per set

Airbag Coil Rite

Firestone Coil-Rite™ air springs are designed to fit inside existing coil springs to create a variable spring rate, Coil-Rite will level your vehicle and assist with more effective braking and handling, even under heavy loading and adverse road conditions.

From $459 per set

Strut Mounts

From improved geometry to achieve perfect wheel alignment, to the lighter benefits of its drop-forged aluminium construction, there are many reasons why you should choose ProForge for your 4×4 after installing a lift.

Torsion Bars

Ironman4x4 4WD Torsion bars are thicker than standard torsion bars and will make your 4x4 safer while providing more comfortable cornering and braking efficiency. All Ironman4x4 4WD torsion bars have upset forged ends and are pre-set to minimise sag.

Driveline Spacers

Billet aluminium sway bar mounting, centre bearing spacers, radium arm spacers, tail shaft spacers & spacer kits.

Steering Dampers

Ironman 4x4 steering dampers improve the control of your vehicle by improving overall stability and eliminating uncontrolled movement.  Our steering dampers feature a 35mm diameter piston and bore and use foam cell technology for better performance both on- and off-road.

Suspension Essentials

U-bolts, spring bush kits, suspension arm bush kits, shackles & pins, adjustable steering rooms camber correction, caster correction, diff drop kits, extended brake hose, brake line spacer and spacers & brackets.

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