Motomuck Wheelmuck 750ml

Motomuck Wheelmuck 750ml

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Wheels can get dirty relatively fast with a build up of brake dust. The formula is fast acting and has been specially formulated at a viscosity to allow easy application and to enable it to be very cost effective.

Wheelmuck+ is also PH neutral which makes it safe to use on all wheels and painted surfaces. Wheelmuck+ is a little smelly, but rest assured that component is 100% biodegradable.

When using Wheelmuck+, you’ll see it undergoes a colour change from yellow to red as a reaction occurs to dislodge the brake dust iron contaminants, enabling it to be washed away with water.

  • NZ made
  • Completely different technology to regular wheel cleaners
  • PH Neutral- Safe on wheels and painted surfaces
  • Active is 100% Biodegradable
  • Low Odour
  • Low Foaming
  • 2-3 x more wheel washes than similar imported products due to WHEELMUCK+ allowing a very thin application and still working extremely well- very cost effective.
  • Easy application due to viscosity.
  • Better coverage due to viscosity and anti foaming properties.
  • Colour coding during stages of reaction with contaminants.
  • Can be used for decontamination of vehicle body panels.

Note before: It is recommended to only do one or two wheels at a time. For ceramic pad dust, dirt, grease or tyre silicone overspray a slight agitation with a soft brush is necessary.

Step one

  • Adjust nozzle on applicator to a fine spray position. Do this by opening the nozzle a couple turns. Pump the trigger until product comes out in a stream. Close the nozzle all the way. Open it a tiny amount, until product just starts coming out when you operate the trigger. Fine adjust nozzle to get good mist when operating trigger hard. See video below.
  • Spray evenly on cool, dry wheels.

Step two

  • Leave on for 2-3 minutes. Wheelmuck+ changes from yellow to red to purple as reaction occurs.
  • If any areas have dried and turned brown, do a quick recoat to those areas just prior to rinsing off.

Step three

  • Rinse off with a jet of water from hose or pressure washer.
  • Reapply and agitate with soft brush if necessary.  

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