The essential 4WD accessories for your next camping trip!

The evolution of the humble awning has been nothing short of wondrous to behold over the past decade or so. In a few short years we have gone from hanging cheap tarps off the side of our vehicles, supported with tent poles and guy ropes to dedicated fold-out and peg down canvas products, and now, the side awning. These bad boys that cover the whole side and rear of your 4X4.

These 4wd accessories offer shade, as well as protection from the sun and rain and yet somehow manage to fold back away as quickly and easily.

Constructed from lightweight materials such as aluminium and many examples including high-quality canvas, the are certainly built to last and are on all the cool kids’ fourbies.

So, if you’re looking to increase your campsite’s shade by orders of magnitude or are about to start a new account for your project on Instagram and need to look the part, make sure you have a good look through our available options to ensure you get those likes and follows… or at least keep the rain off your swag next time the weather turns sour.

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4wd accessories - Side Awning