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SuperUtes 4x4 on Tour

Renowned 4x4 Tracks

Last weekend, Danny, Nick, Chris, and Chris’s dad embarked on their 4x4 weekend adventure, departing from Ashburton at 8am. They ventured over Arthurs pass, cutting around the picturesque Lake Brunner, and finally reaching Napoleon Hill. This renowned 4x4 track offers exhilarating descents, thrilling water crossings, and even drives through caves. The anative flora and fauna only adds to the extraordinary experience.

After three hours of breathtaking views, they reached their 
first destination and continued their journey northward. Luckily, they stumbled upon a friendly farmer who graciously permitted them to camp in his paddock, right beside the tranquil Buller River.

On Day 2, they set off westward towards New Creek, a four-hour trail that navigates through treacherously steep and winding terrain, revealing remnants of the old coal mining plots before arriving at Denniston. From there, they headed south towards Inangahua, making their way inland past Lake Brunner, ultimately leading them to Arthurs Pass, where they spent their second night at a delightful DOC campsite nestled amidst the enchanting Manukas.

Day 3 greeted them with an awe-inspiring sunrise and the harmonious melodies of chirping birds. They even received a surprise visit from a Kia, adding an extra touch of wonder to their journey. With their spirits high, they packed up and began their return home, covering a total of 750 kilometers without encountering any breakdowns.